Background Checks and Expungements

When you are arrested or charged with a crime, you have a criminal record that will show up in background checks. Even if the charge is later dismissed, the record is still there. Presume that your employer will be able to see your background unless you have had your record cleared. In New Jersey, the process of ‘clearing’ your record is controlled by the expungement statute, and there are conditions as to when and if you are eligible to get your record cleared. Before trying to determine your eligibility, get a copy of the case disposition sheet from the Court where each case was filed, and have your fingerprints checked with the State Police to see what shows up in the public databases. Background checks don’t have to impede finding a new job; there are appropriate measures  you can take, and ways to handle job interviews. For more information, contact my office and let’s decide if you qualify for an expungement, and if it’s the right measure for you moving forward.background checks, expungement


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