But the Car in Front of Me Was Speeding Too!

‘I was ticketed doing 102 in a 55 speed zone, but so was the car I was following …do I really need a lawyer? In NJ, you can be issued a traffic ticket for speeding when you are doing anything over the posted limit. Claiming “the car in front of me was speeding too”, does not mean that it was OK for you to do the same. Motor vehicle points will be given to you by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission depending on the speed you are convicted of driving. In addition to assessing you a fine and court costs, most municipal court judges will also consider suspending your license as part of the sentence. Plus, the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) can also suspend your license, in addition (consecutive) to any suspension the Court imposes. The car in front of meTo compound matters, if you drive while your license is suspended, you face an additional suspension period being imposed by both the Court and the MVC. Before you decide whether to go to Court and do a DIY defense on a speeding ticket, ask yourself if you know the legal issues that impact the validity of the speeding allegation, the consequences of what you are charged with, and the potential alternative dispositions that do not risk your license being suspended (or offer a reduced period of suspension). Based on your answers to those questions, you will probably be able to make an intelligent decision as to whether you should at least consult with a lawyer before deciding how to proceed…unless you intend to risk your license in Court just like you did on the roadway. If you have a moving violation that could upend your way of life financially, consult a lawyer by phone and take the advice given. If your situation requires retaining counsel, it could very well be in your best interest at the end the day to do so.


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