The Crime of Eluding Will Complicate a Simple Motor Vehicle Stop

When the police signal you to stop your car, STOP or you can also be charged with the crime of eluding. In New Jersey, even if the reason for the stop was to give you a traffic ticket for a minor motor vehicle violation, the eluding charge will be graded as a second degree crime and expose you to 5-10 years in prison. crime of eludingEven if the charge is downgraded to avoid a prison sentence as part of a plea, you will still have a criminal record that cannot be expunged for at least several years after you finish the sentence imposed by the Judge. ‘All I wanted was to avoid the ticket…’ is not a defense to being charged with eluding, any more than ‘I didn’t see the cop car until it was right behind me…’. There are issues a criminal defense lawyer can raise to mitigate the worst consequences of being charged with eluding (and other crimes, offenses and violations), that you need to discuss with your lawyer before you try to resolve this type of criminal charge.


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