An Equipment Violation Can Be “Probable Cause”

The police need ‘Probable Cause’ to stop you. The Probable Cause basis can be something that you do like speeding, or an equipment violation. In New Jersey, the police can stop you for the headlights on your car not working, a cracked windshield, and many other types of equipment violation issues. Once you are stopped, they can observe the interior of your car, weigh your actions as the driver, and the actions of your passengers before deciding whether to give you/your passengers a warning, a summons or continue with a roadside investigative detention. equipment violation. motor vehicle stopWhat they discover/observe can be the basis for you/your passengers being arrested and charged with criminal offenses and motor vehicle violations. Fix the equipment violation in order to stop calling attention to yourself, or risk whatever you were involved with being used against you in Court. An equipment violation is a no-brainer to get pulled over on local roads, and especially highways, where the broken part, such as a headlight, can become a safety factor as well.

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