Jury of Your Peers

In the U.S., when you are charged with a crime you are entitled to trial by a jury of your peers, and these people may not look, talk or think like you do, but indeed, they may be considered a jury of your peers. The essence of whether a juror is your ‘peer’ is based on whether that person is a citizen of the Ujury of your peersS, is not otherwise disqualified from service as a juror, and can be ‘fair and impartial’ in deciding your innocence or guilt. The jurors are not disqualified from being a juror in your case due to their or your gender, age, sexual preference, religion, political ideology, or race. What is important, is that they be able to follow the instructions of the Court pertaining to rulings on the admissibility of evidence, and the interpretation of the law. A successful criminal defense trial strategy must take into account the fact that your jury will not be sympathetic to either you or the prosecution, because if they were they would not be ‘fair & impartial’, which is what they are required to be.

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