Serious Domestic Violence Charges Demand a Serious Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are here today chances are you, or someone you know, is in some form of distress due to a domestic violence allegation. If you put me in your corner you’ll have a very experienced, highly-regarded criminal defense attorney on your side, taking care of you and the charges you face. Contact Howard Bailey at 973-982-1200 for a free consultation to discuss what steps you need to take immediately to protect your rights, your name, and your freedom.

If You’ve Been Handed a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, Your Chances for a Positive Outcome Can Improve Dramatically with a Call to my Office Today.

When someone with whom you’ve had a marital or dating relationship files a complaint against you claiming you committed a crime against him or her (such as Assault, Criminal Mischief, or Harassment), the victim can file both a criminal complaint and a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against you.

If you are charged with a crime of Domestic Violence, served with a TRO, or both, consult immediately with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Contact Howard Bailey at 973-982-1200 for a free consultation.

Defending a Domestic Violence Charge

In many cases, a client is charged with a criminal complaint and a TRO. This requires appearances in two different Courts, as the Restraining Order is heard in Family Part of the Superior Court and the criminal complaint is heard in either the Municipal Court or the Criminal Part of the Superior Court.

In a recent case, Howard Bailey represented a client charged with both types of complaints. After 4-days of testimony the Judge denied the issuance of a Final Restraining Order (FRO); and after several appearances in the Municipal Court the criminal complaint was dismissed by that Court. If you are charged with both a criminal offense and a TRO, it is important to remember that just because one is dismissed, does not mean that the other will be. Each must be defended separately because they are heard in different types of Courts.

About Howard W. Bailey

Howard W Bailey has been involved with the field of criminal law for over thirty-five years and knows his way inside the legal system: He’s been a police officer, an assistant prosecutor, and now works as a criminal defense attorney for those who’ve been charged with a crime.  So if you’ve been charged with a domestic violence crime, Howard Bailey’s experience can make a huge difference in how your rights and freedom are protected. He has represented hundreds of clients throughout NJ in the Superior Courts, Municipal Courts and the Federal District Courts. While the majority of his criminal cases are resolved, downgraded or dismissed, Mr. Bailey’s extensive legal experience in criminal law has had a powerful and positive effect on those domestic violence restraining order cases which have gone to trial.

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