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If you have ever been charged with a crime, you have a criminal record. If you have ever been arrested, you have a criminal record. If you have ever been convicted of a crime or an offense, you have a criminal record. Having a criminal record happens whenever you become the target of a criminal investigation and the cops use the courts to issue a warrant or a summons. You do not need to be convicted to have a criminal record. If you have a New Jersey criminal record, you can get your record cleared if you meet the conditions for being granted an expungement.

If you are seeking to expunge your record, contact Howard Bailey at 973-982-1200 for a free consultation as to what your options are to get your record cleared.

The Expungement Process

Are you eligible to get your record cleared? The most important factors are what were you convicted of (if you were convicted or entered a guilty plea), when were you arrested, charged or convicted, and what was the sentence or outcome. Just because the case was dismissed, does not get the record cleared. You do need to file an expungement petition with the N.J. Superior Court to get it expunged. The process requires that you file a verified petition with the Superior Court in a County where you had at least one of your cases. If you meet all of the requirements listed in the statute, you will get the relief you are seeking. If you do not meet the requirements, you will be denied relief, and in some cases the denial can be permanent. The entire process from filing to the Court deciding whether to grant your petition takes approximately  four months, assuming nothing goes wrong.

First Step: Have State Police Run Your Fingerprints

The easiest way to see whether your record of convictions can be cleared is to get your fingerprints checked through the State Police. Once you get the printout, go to each Court where you had a case and get the results of the case. Then check the number of convictions or other dispositions to see whether you have too many convictions to qualify to get your record cleared. If you are seeking to have your mental health records expunged, that is governed not by the criminal expungement statutes, but another governing board.

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Howard W Bailey has been involved with the field of criminal law for over thirty-five years and knows his way inside the legal system: He’s been a police officer, an assistant prosecutor, and now works as a criminal defense attorney for those who’ve been charged with a crime.  So if you’re seeking to clear your record from police files in a background check, Howard Bailey’s experience can make a huge difference in how quickly this can be accomplished. He has represented hundreds of expungement clients throughout New Jersey. And he can help you too.

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