Serious Criminal Fraud Charges Demand a Serious Criminal Defense Attorney.

If you’re visiting right now, you or someone you know may be in distress due to a fraud allegation or other criminal charge. Put me in your corner and you’ll have next to you an experienced, highly regarded criminal attorney to defend you.  Contact Howard Bailey at 973-982-1200 for a free consultation to discuss what steps you need to take immediately to protect your rights, your name, your professional license in some cases, but most importantly your freedom.

Securities or Bank Fraud. Insurance Fraud. Identity Theft. Foreclosure Fraud. Medicare Fraud. Healthcare Fraud. Mortgage Fraud. Whatever the Fraud Alledged, the State Wants You to Pay. Improve Your Chances for a Positive Outcome by Discussing Your Fraud Case with Me, Howard Bailey.

Fraud has become a crime that NJ prosecutors take very seriously. Even cases where the overall amount of the theft is minimal the State nevertheless seeks jail time jail as part of the sentence. In many cases, there are multiple charges on fraud cases. Every charge can be added together to increase the amount of theft and to make it more likely that if convicted you will get locked up at sentencing. In addition to being incarcerated, the State will want restitution for the full amount of monies as a result of the fraud.

If you are charged with mortgage, insurance or credit card theft, DO NOT TALK TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY, CREDIT CARD COMPANY OR MORTGAGE COMPANY, AND DO NOT TALK TO HUMAN RESOURCES. AND CERTAINLY DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE.  Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Howard Bailey at 973-982-1200 for a free initial consultation to discuss how any of these charges can affect you.

Defending a Fraud Charge

Sometimes they are complex and require poring over records and files and phone calls. Sometimes they are misunderstandings plain and simple. Your best chances for a positive outcome begin with you. If you are arrested for fraud in New Jersey and the police ask you to give a statement, politely ask for a lawyer, and say no more. It is important to remember that the police cannot cut a deal, and once you are arrested the cops cannot dismiss the charges, only the prosecutor can agree to a plea deal. LET YOUR DEFENSE LAWYER  DO THAT TALKING FOR YOU. The only thing that you do by giving a statement to the cops is to help build the case against you. No matter how complex or simple the process that starts the fraud, the penalties do not lessen because you give a statement to a soft-spoken,symapthic-appearing detective!  Ask for a lawyer, and let your lawyer do the talking because anything the lawyer says cannot be used against you.

A Recent Not Guilty Verdict in a Medical (Billings) Fraud Case

In a recent trial, Howard Bailey represented a client/medical doctor who had committed more than 40 ‘miss-billings’ caused by the use of a computerized billing program added-on to an existing electronic patient record keeping system. Without realizing that the closing of the patient notes would cause an automatic bill for any CPT codes left checked in a template he was using, the Doctor miss-billed for approximately $80,000 from the patients’ insurance carriers. While represented by his former lawyer during a preliminary hearing before the NJ Board of Medical Examiners, the Doctor gave a statement that was at best ‘confusing’ and which could be (and was) interpreted by the NJ Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor as indicating that the Doctor has knowingly committed fraud. At trial, during which Howard Bailey provided defense counsel to his client/doctor, the jury heard the statement, and for the first time the Doctor had the opportunity to testify as to what he had actually meant when he gave the statement before the Board. The jury agreed that the conduct was not knowingly or recklessly done, and returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY as to all charges.

About Howard W. Bailey

Howard W Bailey has been involved with the field of criminal law for over thirty-five years, and knows his way inside the legal system: He’s been a police officer, an assistant prosecutor, and now works as a criminal defense attorney for those who’ve been charged with a crime.  So if you’ve been charged with fraud, Howard Bailey’s experience can make a huge difference in how your rights and freedom are protected and defended. He has represented hundreds of clients throughout NJ in the Superior Courts, Municipal Courts and the Federal District Courts. While the majority of his criminal cases are resolved, downgraded or dismissed, Mr. Bailey’s extensive legal experience in criminal law has had a powerful and positive effect on mortgage fraud, insurance fraud including Medicaid and Medicare fraud, credit card fraud and numerous other fraud cases that have gone to trial.

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