The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Can Penalize You Independent of a Municipal Court Ruling

What happens to your driver’s license in a New Jersey Municipal Court can take a turn for the worse when New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) decides to impose penalties as well.

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission can suspend your driver’s license for a variety of reasons. And, worse,  it is not considered ‘double jeopardy’ even if the reason they suspend you for was a ticket that was downgraded to a lower offense, or even dismissed as part of a plea deal with the Municipal Prosecutor. If the Court does suspend your license, any suspension imposed by the MVC folks will run CONSECUTIVELY to any suspension imposed by the Municipal Court Judge. In any case where the period of suspension the MVC imposes is not required by law, you can request a hearing to contest the period of suspension. motor vehicle commissionThis request for a MVC hearing must be in the hands (not in the mail, in their hands) of the agency prior to the proposed date of suspension, or your license will be suspended. Should this time lag occur, it will then take more time and a greater legal expense to try to get your license reinstated so you can try to convince the hearing officer to lessen the period of suspension. As a general rule of thumb, once you are served with a suspension notice, expect to be suspended. The question will be how to lessen the suspension to the shortest time period possible.

For more information on how to minimize the fallout from a driving infraction that can suspend or revoke your license — especially if you get that suspension letter in the mail from NJ MVC — contact my office for a free phone consultation. It’s important you learn the ramifications of the offense and to determine if legal representation is a decision worth making. Especially if your livelihood depends on keeping your driving privileges in tact.


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