If You’re Pulled Over by Police

pulled over, miranda
Everything you do, everything you say, can be used against you when you are charged with a crime or pulled over for a motor vehicle violation. In New Jersey, many of the police departments have video recorders, capturing what you say and how you act while they are investigating the scene. These videos are often the difference between a conviction and a ‘not guilty’ verdict; between a plea as charged and a downgraded offense with lesser penalties. When you’re pulled over, making a joke about another driver, or in the case of an accident or arrest event, making a joke about the police, the crime, the stop or anything else while you are being questioned, detained or arrested can impact everything from how the case against you is disposed, to the sentence imposed by the Judge. Laughing and smiling for the ‘mug shot’ is not amusing to the police, the prosecutor or the Judge. How you appear at the time of the incident or shortly thereafter can undercut any later statement of how sorry you are, or how much you wish you could ‘go back in time’ and make sure the victim was not hurt by your actions. Stop posing for the video cameras. Stop posturing yourself as some type of ‘bad-ass’ for the videos and all those around when you are being arrested. And by all means, stop helping the police build a stronger case against you.

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