Qualify for an Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) and Begin Your Second Chance Now

The Intensive Supervision Program (ISP) in New Jersey is the best chance defendants have to get released early from prison.  It also allows for a defendant to get his life in order because the rules require a very structured environment in order to participate. For a defendant who wants to take advantage of the program, it gives an early release from the custodial sentence imposed by the Judge. At the same time ISP provides very strict requirements. ISP imposes a curfew, an employment requirement, the maintenance of a budget, payment of restitution, counseling, and other elements needed in a particular case. A participant should be prepared to commit 100% to the program. A violation of the terms and conditions agreed to by the defendant will be viewed by the Re-Sentencing Panel as grounds for program termination. This  breach increases the likelihood the individual will be returned to prison to ‘max out’  the original sentence. intensive supervisionISP is not a ‘get out of jail free’ program. It requires complete participation and commitment by the defendant in order to stick. That said, the completion of the intensive supervision program and release from the program by the Judges has a very high success rate in graduating defendants to moving on to successful lives. The successful ISP applicants must be prepared to show the Judges that they are ready to take advantage of the program, which will control their actions and determine their suitability to enter and remain in the program. For those not prepared to take the program seriously, they would be better served by remaining in prison until released by parole. Or seek other Post-Conviction options. For more information on NJ’s Intensive Supervision program call me for a free consult on the steps it takes to get you an application to the program.

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