Resisting Arrest, or Eluding, Will Only Make Matters Worse

Running away didn’t work when Mom was going to punish you…and it only makes it worse when you run from the cops. It called Eluding or Resisting Arrest

If you are going to be charged with a crime or an offense during a motor vehicle violation or on a property, don’t make it worse by trying to get away from the police. They can then charge you with eluding, resisting arrest, escape and other related crimes in addition to the charges you were originally going to have to face. The sentences for those types of ‘running’ offenses run consecutive to the sentence you are going to get for the original violation. Whether you are charged with a crime or an offense for resisting arrest, eluding, or hindering your apprehension or prosecution, often depends on whether you ‘run’ or use a vehicle to try to make your ‘getaway’.  eluding, resisting arrestAs a NJ criminal defense lawyer I have represented clients who would only have been charged with a motor vehicle violation for speeding but who tried to outrun the police and ended up charged with a 2nd degree crime and faced a mandatory State prison sentence. STOP MAKING THINGS WORSE and submit to the authority of the police when they signal you to stop. This can increase the likelihood you can avoid incarceration and perhaps not have your license suspended in a motor vehicle situation which, even with a license suspension, is not going to ruin your life prospects as much as a criminal conviction or a prison sentence. So if you’re pulled over, or trespassing for example, resisting arrest by running or being belligerent — if not aggressive — will  only make matters needlessly worse. Do not resist; instead, exercise your right to remain silent and contact a lawyer at your first opportunity to deal wit the charges you face.

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