Undercover Policing, and Your Rights Under the Law

The police can use a variety of methods to conduct their investigations, including the use of officers that do not look like cops. In New Jersey, undercover police officers (and police dogs), can act like and look like anyone who would normally be at that location, to blend in and observe without their identity as law enforcement being disclosed. What they observe is admissible as evidence in criminal prosecutions, and the only limitation on their undercover conduct is that they are not allowed to do anything that is itself illegal. undercover, undercover cops, entrapmentFor example, while they are permitted to make buys of illegal drugs, or stolen goods, they cannot as undercover cops themselves sell or use illegal drugs. They can dress as delivery persons to make controlled deliveries of illegal drugs, but cannot themselves traffic in those same drugs. If you feel your rights have been breached, or feel like an undercover cops  crossed over into illegal activity, or feel you were entrapped, contact my office for a free phone consultation on how best to move forward to fight charges.
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