If You’re Arrested on a Warrant

The ‘Golden Rule’ I was raised with (‘Do unto others…’) applies to interactions you have with other people, and that includes the police officers with whom you come in contact.  A kind word to the police when the situation arises is a good thing. You never know when they may be circling back to help you in a moment of crisis, or interface with you on a traffic stop or other police matter. If the police happen to interact with you when you have a warrant, the police can execute the warrant by arresting you. arrested on a warrant, traffic violationsIt is then up to you to resolve the bail issue to get released from custody. You have a right to ‘Freedom of Expression’ but most people (including the cops) will not be too inclined to help you make the connections you need to get released on the warrant when you are saying things to them that would make a mother blush. When you are arrested on a warrant, you will not be released until the Court that issued the warrant sets the bail conditions and you post that bail. Unless there are extenuating circumstances (which is rare even if the cop ‘started’ it), telling the officer that he (and maybe his parentage) have less intellectual acuity than _____ (you can fill in the blank) is unlikely to get you an assist that is beyond that called for by the performance of the officer’s normal duties. In short, if you are arrested on a warrant, even for parking a tidy collection of unpaid parking tickets,  DO NOT ‘SMART-MOUTH’ THE COP – unless of course you like the idea of spending time in custody that maybe you could have avoided altogether.

If you have question on a traffic violation, the legality of the stop, or the issuance of a warrant that you believe is suspect in and of itself,  call my office for a free phone consultation on the situation you find yourself in.

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