Circumstantial Evidence Can Be Used to Convict You

‘No eyewitness? No problem? WRONG! Circumstantial evidence can be used to convict you!’ 

When you are under investigation, the worst thing you can do is try to explain your side of what happened. The cops have questions…you have rights! Say ‘I WANT A LAWYER’ and ‘I WANT TO REMAIN SILENT’. The likelihood is that you were not going to be sleeping in your own bed tonight after this happened, so keep your mouth shut and let your lawyer do the talking. Remember, what you say can be ‘interpreted’ and used against you, what your lawyer says cannot.

Why You Should Always Take A Lawyer To An Interview With the Cops

If the police ask to interview you about a crime, consult immediately with an experienced criminal defense lawyer. There are only two reasons the police want to interview you when they are investigating a crime. They either think you know something about the crime they are investigating or, they think you are involved in the crime. Either way, you are at least a witness, and maybe more than that in the eyes of the police.

Howard Bailey was a cop for 10 years, and a prosecutor for 15 years, and knows that cops do not believe in coincidence. So if you are involved in their investigation, you are a potential suspect and they are seeking hard, if not circumstantial evidence. When you couple that with the fact that ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU in court, you should understand what the ramifications are of you talking to the police before you say anything.

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