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While a phone consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss your case with The Law Offices of Howard W. Bailey, we would like to offer you an opportunity to present at no charge or obligation a more detailed written description relaying the facts of your case by completing and sending us the form below.  Upon receipt, we will call you to discuss the facts and identify the legal issues and defenses that are raised by the facts of the case. We will then upon our discussion with you, email you our case analysis. What you get will be a summary of the facts of your case, an analysis of the legal issues that may impact the outcome of the case against you, and the identification of the possible defenses you may be able to take advantage of. To start the process, complete and email us the form below. You are under no obligation to retain us and are free to use the analysis as you wish.

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Tell us the facts that the witnesses and police are saying happened. Include the town/county where this occurred, and the date on which it occurred. Please give as much detail as possible. Your message will be held in strict confidence. We will contact you shortly.

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