A Domestic Violence Restraining Order Can Be Forever

A Domestic Violence Restraining Order can be ‘Forever’. It can impact your life – such as your employment prospects, and your ability to travel – in ways you may never have realized it would. Once a New Jersey TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) is issued against you, it will restrict you from having any contact with the protected person, even if they are the ones initiating contact with you. They contact you, you respond, and you are the one the Judge will hold in ‘Contempt of Court’ – with a criminal conviction and possibly a jail sentence. trosYou will be required to appear in Court for a hearing on whether the TRO should become an FRO (a Final Restraining Order). You and the protected party will both have a chance to tell the Judge what happened, with the Court determining three factors – 1) Was there a domestic relationship (husband, boyfriend, mother, sister, etc. between the two of you) (2) Was there a predicate criminal offense (harassment, simple assault, etc.) committed by you; and (3) is an FRO reasonably necessary to prevent future acts of DV by you. If yes to all three, the Court will issue a final Order against you. If you are in a domestic violence retraining order predicament that can devolve into something permanent, please do not take this situation lightly and find counsel immediately. If you wish, you may call (only) for a free consult.

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