Domestic Violence Restraining Order

domestic violence restraining orderA Domestic Violence Restraining Order can be more dangerous for you, than you being charged with a crime. If you are called by the protected person and answer the phone – you are violating the Order, and you go to jail. If the protected person sees you on the street and says ‘Hello’ and you say ‘Hello’ back – you are violating the Order, and you go to jail. You are the person the Order says can have no contact with the protected person. And while it may seem unfair, you are the person who gets hit with a criminal charge if you violate the no-contact conditions. Do not make a difficult situation worse. If you have a domestic violence retraining order held against you, run the other way from the no-contact person and do not pick up any incoming phone calls or efforts to contact you. Its honest intent could be a simple hello, how are you. It could also be an insidious effort to purposely get you to violate the the domestic violence order by answering the call and saying Hello. If you have questions on a domestic violence restraining order, do not it is in your best interest to contact a criminal lawyer experienced in these matters as soon as possible to learn precisely what to avoid and how to handle sticky contact situations.

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