Filing an Appeal in New Jersey

If you are convicted of a crime in New Jersey, you have a very short time in which to file an appeal. The appeal must be based on the judicial error, the legal defects (the mistakes) made by the Judge while your case was before the Court. An appeal does not address any defect in your representation by your lawyer, those types of defects must be raised in a Post-Conviction Relief petition. Unfortunately, you cannot raise both an appeal and a PCR at the same time, so a choice must be made whether to pursue the appeal and wait to file a PCR, or, forget about filing an appeal and only file a PCR. This decision should only be made after discussing your case with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyer.

If you are considering filing an appeal or have questions between filing an appeal or pursuing post-conviction relief, I am available for a free consultation to explain how both courses of action can apply to your particular situation. As a former county prosecutor, and a practicing defense attorney for over 25 years, I can provide for you the information you need to arrive at an informed decision.

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