Appealing an FRO (Final Restraining Order)

In New JerseyFRO, DV, Appeals, a Final Domestic Violence Restraining Order is forever. It will stay in effect until it is overturned on appeal, or the ‘victim’ drops it. A Domestic Violence FRO can be appealed, but the appeal must be filed with 45-days of the Order being issued. If you miss the 45-day deadline, you may be able to get a 30-day extension, but you should not count on it. Get the appeal filed, order the transcript, and start the legal research to support your argument as to what error the Judge made in concluding that an FRO was reasonably necessary to prevent future acts of domestic violence by you. Once the transcript of the proceeding is received, a deadline will be set for the submission of the defense brief, for the response brief by the respondent, and ultimately a date set for the Court to decide whether to overturn the Order. If you wish to discuss options further, contact my office today to see if we can be of assistance to filing your argument on appeal

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