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If you have pled guilty, or have been convicted after trial, you have the right to file an appeal. The grounds you raise for this type of relief must be based on a legal defect in the proceedings, such as the Judge made a mistake in a ruling, or the Judge made a mistake by denying a Motion. You can raise issues about errors that happened at any time during the legal proceedings that were raised to the trial court, ranging from before the cops locked you up through what the Judge did at sentencing. You cannot raise issues about mistakes that your lawyer made; and, you cannot typically raise issues that were not raised before the trial judge

If you wish to file an appeal of a conviction, contact Howard Bailey at 973-982-1200 for a free consultation as to how to proceed with your appeal.

Representing a Client on Appeal. The Sooner We Begin the Better.

There must be a legal basis for to appeal a conviction. You do not get to add evidence that was not placed before the trial Court. An appeal is based on the transcripts of what happened in Court. You must demonstrate that a legal error or mistake occurred during your trial. Grounds for filing an appeal vary from case to case, but many include: the denial of a defense motion; the court gave improper instructions to the jury, and evidence was improperly admitted. In essence, the appeal is based upon a mistake made by the Court and you feel the verdict was arrived at wrongly. Once filed, an appeal can take a year or longer to be heard, and for a decision to be rendered by the Court. But you must be decisive and act quickly. There are hearings and deadlines that need to be addressed in a timely manner.

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The easiest way to see whether your record of convictions can be cleared is to get your fingerprints checked through the State Police. Once you get the printout, go to each Court where you had a case and get the results of the case. Then check the number of convictions or other dispositions to see whether you have too many convictions to qualify to get your record cleared.

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Howard W Bailey has been involved with the field of criminal law for over thirty-five years and knows his way inside the legal system: He’s been a police officer, an assistant prosecutor, and now works as a criminal defense attorney for those who’ve been charged with a crime.  So if you’ve been charged with a crime, Howard Bailey’s experience can make a huge difference in how your rights and freedom are protected. He has represented hundreds of clients throughout NJ in the Superior Courts, Municipal Courts and the Federal District Courts. While the majority of his criminal cases are resolved, downgraded or dismissed, Mr. Bailey’s extensive legal experience in criminal law has had a powerful and positive effect on those cases which have gone to trial. If you are seeking an appeal to an outcome in court, the experience and determination of appellate attorney Bailey can be a lifesaver.

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