Being Late for Court is a Very Bad Idea

When you are late for Court, you risk the Judge issuing a Bench Warrant for your arrest. Most criminal law Judges in New Jersey will ‘Call’ the list of cases as soon as they take the bench. Once the Judge knows you are not there, the Judge can issue a warrant, and forfeit any bail you have already posted. The Judge does not have to vacate the warrant when you show up late for court, nor does the Judge have to stop the bail forfeiture. late for courtBy being late, even when it was the fault of the ‘public transportation’, the ‘crowd waiting to get into the Courthouse’, or your alarm not going off, you show the Judge you are not concerned with the charges against you, and that you do not respect the Judge or Court. The lack of respect to the Court can also lead to you being charged with criminal contempt of Court which is an additional charge that the Judge can sentence you on, including a jail sentence, in addition to any penalty you face for the charges you were already facing in front of that Judge. Rest assured being late for court will get you in hot water. GET TO COURT BEFORE IT STARTS, or risk sitting in jail while your case is pending, losing money set aside for bail, and paying for more legal time to fight back new charges.

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