Probable Cause

probable causeProbable cause to believe a crime is/has been committed is all a cop needs to stop you. Doing something that draws attention to an officer of the law is like begging the cops: PLEASE STOP ME. It could be something relatively petty: If law enforcement sees something unsafe about your vehicle it is reason to be pulled over, such as a broken tail-light or even a broken license plate light. Once pulled over you better show some contriteness, and at same time hope the officer is in a good mood to simply give you a warning before hopefully letting you go. However, the more likely scenario is that he will run your plates to determine if you have outstanding warrants or a reason for them to proceed with caution, or get in a defensive mode. Once you are stopped, anything the cops see or hear will be admissible as evidence against you having been observed in ‘Plain View’.. The saying ‘If it looks like a rose, smells like a rose…’ applies, if it looks like a reason for the cops to stop you, don’t put yourself in that position. YOUR FREEDOM IS MY TOP PRIORITY.

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