Caught Speeding? Try Politeness, Contriteness.

speeding ticket

There are some things that are better left unsaid, like admitting once pulled over you were purposely and knowingly violating the law. Speeding creates the reason for a cop to stop you, and your ‘humorous’ — potentially misunderstood as sarcastic — admission makes it all but certain that you will be handed a ticket. Worse however is that if there’s a court appearance required the sarcasm of an answer to the police officer or the presiding Judge can be the reason the Judge decides to add a driver’s license suspension to fines and other penalties that he may impose if the law provides him that power. Leave the humor and sarcasm for your story-telling with friends, or risk having your driving privileges suspended.

If you find yourself required to make a court appearance in a Municipal Court for speeding or any other traffic violation, please contact my office at once. Please do not go to court unattended. In matters were you are vulnerable to several charges or have a history as a repeat violator, a Judge in an ornery mood might make your day far worse than you might have imagined for simply talking back or even standing with your hands in your pockets. Contact an attorney to learn the likelihood of that possibility, and consider retaining one if a court appearance for speeding or any other municipal charge is required. Because if driving privileges is important to your livelihood, the value of the expenses you will incur to have an attorney go to bat for you will be money well-spent to stave off a judge who may have it in for you!

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