The Subject of an International Extradition

International Extradition proceedings are ultimately based upon the specific terms of the treaty between the United States and the country where the person is residing. The process requires that the requesting country (the country that wants the person) files a petition for the extradition with the national government of the country where the person is living (the sending country). Once the petition is filed, the matter is brought to court with the person who is being extradited appearing in court to determine whether the legal basis for the extradition meets the criteria of the extradition treaty. Even if the terms of the treaty are met, before any extradition is granted, the government of the country of residence must decide whether the extradition will be approved.

If you are the subject of an international extradition, consult immediately with an experienced criminal defense lawyer licensed in the State/Country where you are being extradited to and discuss what issues are most likely to arise when you contest the extradition and the criminal charges.

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