A Successful Criminal Defense Strategy Does Not Just Happen

A successful criminal defense is not ‘one and done’ event. It take a long-term approach working on small details to build a potentially strong defense. There are no magic wands, incantations, amulets, or other forms of wizardry that win a criminal case for a client. It takes a detailed analysis of the strengths of the prosecutions case, to spot the deficiencies of proofs against you. a successful defensePlus it includes the development of counter-arguments to provide the jury with a potential alternative that can be argued as ‘reasonable doubt’. And, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit of luck that the prosecution does not spot the actual defense strategy in time to bolster their case. Both you and your criminal defense lawyer must agree on the strategy, and then use every opportunity to bolster the arguments that support the defense in front of the jury. A successful criminal defense will not occur overnight and will not, figuratively speaking, land in my lap.

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