A Temporary Restraining Order Can Restrict Where You Live

In New Jersey, a domestic violence related Temporary Restraining Order can restrict where you live, impact your employment, and prevent you from seeing your children.

These restrictions are against you, the person against whom the Restraining Order is issued. Any contact with the ‘protected person’ or actions that violate the protections issued by the Court can result in you being charged with criminal contempt of Court. Even if the Court does not issue a Final Restraining Order and dismisses the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), a Criminal Contempt of Court can result in you being convicted, with you then having a criminal record that can impact employment opportunities. A violation by you can occur even if the person who filed the TRO is the one who contacts you. If an order of protection has been issued against you, do not have any contact (no emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.) and do not try to get ‘your side of the story’ out on social media by posting about what is happening to you. That can be viewed by the Court as a separate basis to establish harassment of the alleged victim as well as an attempt to contact the person the Court has protected. Or worse, the basis for the Court to conclude that an Final Restraining Order is needed to prevent you from committing future acts of domestic violence. If you are served with a TRO, contact my offices immediately for a free consult on charges.

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