When a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is Issued

When a Domestic Violence TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) is issued against you in New Jersey, it means you cannot contact the protected party. Period. You are prohibited from going to their residence, their place of business, and any other location they typically frequent. So going to their favorite restaurant, bar, or gym can get you in trouble. restraining order, TRO, temporary restraining orderIf you follow them, or go to a place — even a public place — where you can observe them or otherwise make sure they know ‘you are there’, you can be charged with violating the Temporary Restraining Order. Furthermore, once the TRO is issued, you can be charged with violating the Order by simply answering a phone call, email or text from them. The ‘protected party’ cannot be charged with violating their own protective Order, but you can. It is on you, so stay clear of them. Don’t be tricked by them. That phone call you might think is reconciliatory might be  trap!

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