When Charged with a Crime, Stop Talking to the Police

When charged with a crime, STOP TALKING to the police! Anything you say or do can and will be used against you to try to convict you. Protect your freedom and exercise your right not to become a witness against yourself. When you are asked by the cops ‘What happened?’ or ‘What’s your side of the story’ say I WANT TO REMAIN SILENT and I WANT A LAWYER. Trying to explain your way out of being busted did not work with Mom, and it will not work with the cops.
charged with a crimeThink of a response you would make to the cops if you were asked the following question: ‘Are you still beating your Mother?’ …………. if your answer is YES, you are still beating your Mother. If your answer is NO, it means you were beating her but you have now stopped. Either way, your answer hurts you, and you did not help get yourself released from custody. Trying to correct your answer only makes you look more guilty. Stop making the job of the prosecutor easier, and stop increasing the likelihood of you being convicted. Protect your rights and your freedom, your lawyer will thank you. If you ahve been arrested and need to know what options are before you, contact an experienced criminal lawyer. Many, including myself, offer a free phone (only) consultation. This could help you decide how you want to proceed with the charges you face when charged with a crime.
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